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The estate sale process is a sensitive one that requires a team of experts in pricing, management, marketing, and discretion. The team at Serendipity is led by appraisal veteran Jason Barefoot with decades of experience. His proven approach provides his clients with a degree of comfort not found anywhere else in the market. See why so many people trust Serendipity Antiques & Interiors to handle their estate sales.


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Serendipity carries millions of dollars in insurance for both liability and workers compensation. This coverage gives peace of mind to our clients.


We love to meet with our clients to review their goals -- whether it be downsizing, liquidation or a hybrid, we can put together a strategy that meets and exceeds your needs.


With a mailing list in the thousands and thousands of followers on social media, Serendipity's impact is significant. In addition, all our sales are promoted on targeted sites locally and around the world.

Real Estate

Backed by the power of our own real estate brokerage, we're able to deliver home listing services at a discounted commission. Many clients love the convenience and savings of an estate manager who sells both the personal and real property.


We offer cleaning services to help remove any of the remaining items and to clean the house before it is ready to sell. Our cleaning partners leave your home looking spotless.

Retail Showroom

In the event that there are remaining items following the end of your estate sale, Serendipity is home to a 20,000 sq. ft. showroom that is open to the public. We can transport your remaining items for sale under a consignment agreement.

Online Sales & Dashboard

For items that are consigned with Serendipity's showroom, you'll have the ability login to view your items as sell. Our ecommerce-enabled website allows buyers around the world to buy your items that might fetch a higher price on the world market.


Your privacy remains one of our top priorities. We secure your home during the estate sale, we remove any sensitive information from public consumption. Find out why politicians and celebrities alike trust Serendipity to discretely handle their estate sales needs -- keeping inquiring neighbors, friends, and relatives at a polite distance.


"Jason and his team were thorough, friendly, and professional. His team handled my late mother's estate with dignity. In the course of three days, we were ready to list and sell our family home. While we interviewed several agents, we knew that Jason would continue the level of service he provided during the estate sale with the sale of the home. It sold in just two days."

Elizabeth R.

Sandy Springs, Georgia


I’m Jason Barefoot.

For more than thirty years, I've been an expert on collectibles, antiques, and vintage items. I opened Serendipity Antiques & Interiors, a 20,000 square foot showroom to share with the public my love for curious and collectible items. As of today, I've successfully managed over 100 estate sales.

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